23 - 25 October 2018 | Kingdom of Bahrain
Under the Patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, Prime Minister, Kingdom of Bahrain

GDA TechXperience Workshop

GDA TechXperience Workshops


Welcome to the workshop of the future for applied technology in Robotics and 3D printing.

GDA TechXperience
GDA TechXperience
GDA TechXperience

Activity 1 - Print your own 3D Spare part

This 1-hour session allowed participants to discover for themselves the potential of 3D Printing through a build intensive design project. 

Attendees were able to design and build Spur gears. The session empowered the participants with knowledge on 3D printing and its applications. 

Additive manufacturing technology - More specifically Laser metal deposition and Powder bed infusion is quickly growing and offers new potential to the oil and gas industry to remanufacture difficult-to-weld components and to reinstate existing, old equipment. Soon, Engineers and designers will be expected to begin using 3D printing to fabricate parts as and when needed.


Participants learned the following at the end of the session:

1.       Understand what makes 3D printing unique from other traditional methods of manufacturing and what its current benefits and limitations are.

2.       Access specific resources needed to 3D print an object using 123D design.

3.       Open, view, manipulate and edit three-dimensional object files

4.       Create new three-dimensional object files from scratch.

5.       Prepare and optimize those files for 3D printing

3D Printing Session Agenda

Activity 2 - GAS leak detection Robot

This 1-hour session allowed the participants to build an EV3 TRACER robot equipped with a temperature sensor to detect cold spots in pipes that will immediately send information to another EV3 controller connected to the control panel. 

This session made use of EV3’s Bluetooth and temperature sensing capabilities and was meant to open the minds of participants on the potential of Robotics and its applications. 

What participants gained at the end of the session:

1. Get an understanding on Lego Mindstorms robotics

2. Ability to experiment with programming concepts using LabVIEW Programming Software.

3. Introduced to different electronics sensors and its working principles

4. Ability to build and program Lego Mindstorms robots

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