23 - 25 October 2018 | Kingdom of Bahrain
Under the Patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, Prime Minister, Kingdom of Bahrain

GDA Conference Program Presentations

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Presenter Name

First Integrated Hydrocracker-DHT Unit in ME - Its Design, Challenges, and Benefits

Alok Srivastava, ART

Keshav Nagarhalli, ORPIC

Talal Al-Rawahi, ORPIC

Towards Energy Efficiency and Profitability - Unlocking Hydrocracker Full Potential Through Operational Adjustment Mahmoud Ibrahim, Saudi Aramco
Innovative solutions for Resid upgrade and improved refinery margins Cassandra Schoessow, KBR
Asset Performance Management in Digital Era Daniel Rodas, Baker Hughes, a GE Company
SASREF Reliability Transformation Ahmed Ismail, SASREF
K-SAAT – A Break-through Solid Acid Alkylation Technology Edward Griffiths, KBR
Advanced Work Packaging: A Game Changer in Oil and Gas Project Management

Abdelghani Sinno, Bentley Systems, Incorporated

Seheon, Choi, Saudi Aramco

IT/OT Maturity Framework Deployment in KIPIC Ahmad A. Almulaifi, KIPIC
Heavy Oil Upgrading Strategies for Improved Refinery Economics Gary Brierley, Honeywell UOP
New Crude Heater for Better Efficiency, Reliability and Environmental performance

Raj Ghetia, Bapco

Thangaraj Raju, Bapco

Profitable Schemes to Maximize Refinery Profits Post 2020 Fadi Mhaini, Chevron Lummus Global
Haldor Topsoe’s Advances in Catalysts for Hydrocracking Pre-treatment and ULSD Production Søren Mikkelsen, Haldor Topsoe A/S
Leveraging Benchmarking for Continuous Improvement Towards Operational Excellence Srinivas Badithela, ADNOC Refining
Journey Towards Hydrocracker Operational Excellence Through Strategic Collaboration Deepak RD, Criterion
Addressing Base Oil Color and Stability Issues Using UOP HPNA RM Adsorption Technology Rajesh Sivadasan, Honeywell UOP
Advanced Digital Services To Achieve Higher Plant Flexibility and Performance Nicolas Menet, Axens
Demystifying Digitalization Challenges Towards Successful Downstream Industry Deployment Pratap Nair, Ingenero
Digital Operator Rounds Deployment at KNPC: Challenges and Opportunities Abdulaziz Al-Duaij, KNPC
In-House Profit Improvement Program in ADNOC Refining Ali Al-Mansoori, ADNOC Refining
Enterprise Wide Electronic Shift Hand-Overs Dr Nicholas Hurley, J5 International
New Innovative Concrete Technology To Improve Terminal Asset Integrity and Safety Darren Hughes, Concrete Canvas
First Industry Artificial Intelligence Application in Crude Refinery Bilal Abdallah, Maana
Increased Heavy Naphtha Draw from Condensate Distillation Unit Through Rigorous Simulation Debottlenecking Dr. Mohammad Shamsuzzoha, ADNOC Refining
Retrofitting Existing Reactors - A Novel Approach to Modernization Rajan Jawale, Chevron Lummus Global (CLG)
Fuel Oil Conversion Project at Kuwait Petroleum International RaM Refinery: Strategic Response to 2020 Challenge Xander de Jong, Kuwait Petroleum International
Sensor Data Analytics based on DNV GL’s Anomaly Detection Tool using Linear Regression Models Jorn Veenstra, DNV GL Oil & Gas
KNPC’s Smart Refinery: Maximo Oil & Gas Enterprise Solution Nabeel Haidar, KNPC 
Direct Catalytic Cracking of Crude Oils to Produce Petrochemicals Feedstock Gnana Pragasam Singaravel, ADNOC
A New Olefins Selective Cracking Catalyst for Maximum Propylene Production from FCC Units Yaming Jin, Saudi Aramco
BAPCO Hydrocracking Unit : A Decade of Success Velmurugan Venkatesan, Bapco
Next-Level Hydrocracker Flexibility: Unlocking High Performance in Today's Turbulent Markets Simon Cackett, Shell
Reliable Operation Window for Variable Speed Driven Pumps Ahmed Al Kubaish, Saudi Aramco
Refining and Petrochemical Integration: Highway To Success Emilie Rousseau, Axens
Profit Pivot Points in a Refinery-Petrochemical Integrated Complex Nick Kinnis, McDermott
Boiler Chemical Injection System Design Modification for More Effective and Optimum Operation Albara A. Al-Harbi, Saudi Aramco
3D TRASAR Technology Application for Improved Crude Distillation Overhead Chemical Injection Mahmoud Alkahlout, Saudi Aramco
Opportunity Through Synergy in Kuwait Refinery and Petrochemical Plants Ahmad Al-Failakawi, KNPC
Petrochemical Integration: Essential To Middle East Refining? Alan Gelder, Wood Mackenzie
New Innovative Approach to Increase Isomerization Throughput and Octane Booster Edward Griffiths, KBR
Capturing the Maximum Value From The Bottom Of The Barrel Gurminder Singh, Shell
Reaping the Rewards of Digital Transformation - The $6.5 Million Savings Journey

David Ross, Petrotechnics

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