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Call for Abstracts 1

Your Opportunity to Speak at the GDA Conference

Theme: Towards a Competitive Downstream through Innovation, Collaboration and Technology 

6. Process Safety

Asset Integrity, risk Management, Key Performance Indicators

7. Market Intelligence

Profitability, Market volatility, bottom of the barrel, shared economy, electric vehicles, Global Trading, Crude Flexibility, Diversification of Crude Demand

8. Innovation & Technology

Technology advancement, R&D, academia & industry collaboration, Catalyst Advancement

9. Improvements

Plants/Process improvements, systems enhancement and other add-ons or changes to increase reliability and assets returns


1. Regulations

Stringent environment policy, IMO, CORSIA Jet Fuel, carbon foot-print, greenhouse gas, New Product Specifications Requirements, Green House Gas (GHG) Requirements, Waste Management – Spent Caustic

2. Integration

Value chain, molecular management, Petrochemical Integration, Crude to Chemical, Upstream-Downstream

3. Human Capital

Operator competency development, Skill & Knowledge Gap, retention, future required skills, academia & industry collaboration, knowledge transfer, virtual training & simulation

4. Digitalization

Big data, data analytics, cyber security, IR 4.0, advanced control, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, process automation & optimization, disruptive technology

5. Energy

Alternative, clean energy, renewable, conservation, efficiency, sustainability, Transportation Fuel Demand, EV Penetration

First Review - 11 March 2018

Submit Your Abstract Here

Abstract Review Process

The abstract review group consisting of technical committee members will undertake a review of all abstracts and provisionally allocate acceptable ones into a draft program for Technical Committee Chairman’s consideration.

Posters are a separate category when uploading an abstract. The submitter will have to choose if he is submitting his abstract either for an oral presentation or a poster presentation.

Major Milestones for Abstract Review

Item Deadline
Abstract Submission Opens 11 February 2018
Abstract Submission Closes 6 April 2018
Response to Authors 30 April 2018
Technical Program Announced 30 May 2018

Abstract Review Process

The Technical Committee members will review abstracts submitted for their session based on the Abstract Review Criteria and will submit the Abstract Score on the system no later than 26th April 2018.

Abstract Review Criteria

1. Each abstract will be reviewed by 3 committee members and final acceptance will be done by the Technical Committee Chairman & Co-Chair

2. 3 papers will be selected per session based on highest scores received

Abstract Scoring System

Scoring Criteria
Quality of Content
  • Introduction
  • Objectives
  • Methods/ Approach
  • Conclusions
Educational Value
  • Interest and appeal to audience
  • Important contribution to research/practice/theory or knowledge
  • Novel or innovative contribution, relevant to the conference theme
Quality of Written Abstract
  • Self-Contained
  • Coherent & Readable

Individual Criterion Outlined

Quality of Content

Introduction/Rationale - must provide a clear background to the rest of the abstract and should be reinforced in the conclusion. 

Objectives  - must outline the content or expectations of either the project (generally appropriate for research, practical case studies and education topics) or the presentation (may be more appropriate for experience-based presentations, workshops or other presentation formats).

Methods/Approach - must provide a clear description of the methodology used, and it must be appropriate to the objectives and rationale of the project or presentation.

Results/Practice implications - must indicate clearly the findings of the project/presentation, and they must be consistent with the methodology and objectives.

Conclusions -  must be consistent with the introduction or rationale and objectives, so that the information is complete.

Educational Value

Interest and Appeal to audience

What would be of interest to them? Is the content relevant? Does it bring a perspective that is relevant to current practice?

Important contribution to research/practice/theory or knowledge

Does the abstract indicate the possibility of changing current practice? Does it add significantly to the current body of work in this area?

Novel or innovative contribution, relevant to the conference theme

Is the information novel/unique/innovative in some way? Is the approach or methodology new or different from known approaches? Do the results provide support for a new approach or for changing an accepted approach? Are the ideas presented provocative? Does the abstract reflect the theme of the conference?

Quality of Written Abstract


Is the abstract self-contained? It is important to consider grammar and writing style in this section only, and not let poor grammar influence all ratings; some readers rate this section first and rate on first impressions. Try to be objective. Look for judicious use of acronyms, abbreviations, references.

Coherent & Readable

Abstract should be clear on first reading; repeated readings for clarity indicates lower readability. The content should be in a logical sequence. Remember that English may not be the first language of many authors

Important Information

Please login with your username and password. In case you do not have yet a user name, you will be requested to subscribe first. With your profile, you will have access to your abstract submission and handling.  

For questions regarding the online submission process, please e-mail: karan@mee-events.com. For urgent queries, please contact Karan Kukreja at +971 4 4270739. 

Call for Abstracts Instructions

  • Abstracts should only be submitted via the website and in English
  • The abstract title is limited to 24 words
  • The abstract must be concise and contain less than 500 words, including spaces
  • The abstract should include the first author's and all co-authors’ names and organizations
  • The abstract should be approved by management/ legal department
  • The use of standard abbreviations is desirable. A special or unusual abbreviation must be placed (in round brackets) after the first appearance of the word(s) for which it stands
  • Authors can include only one figure, table or black and white illustration (maximum width 7 cm). Color illustrations will be printed in black and white in the abstract book
    The preferred font is Verdana 7

General Instructions

  • Please follow the instructions on the screen. 
  • When finalizing the on-line submission, it is imperative to click the «submit» button for final submission of the abstract. A message will then appear informing you that the abstract has been registered successfully.
  • The abstract submitter will receive an e-mail confirming the successful submission of the abstract. This confirmation of abstract receipt is NOT a notice of acceptance of your abstract. 
  • In case no confirmation from GDA Conference 2018 Technical Committee is received after 30 April 2018, the abstract submitter should contact karan@mee-events.com
  • Submitting an abstract for presentation does not constitute registration for the conference. Abstract presenters must register to attend the conference here.
    You will be notified whether you will be selected for Oral and/or Digital-Poster presentation, following the acceptance of your abstract. 
  • The Technical committee reserves the right to reject abstracts that are not found to be relevant for the conference   


  • The presenting author must ensure that all co-authors approve of the abstract's content before submitting the abstract.
  • Abstracts must be submitted and presented at the conference in English.
  • Notification of receipt and acceptance will be sent to the abstract submitter only.       

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